The Antidote

You know it, i know it  – our world is toxic.

And we can’t escape it. From vaporized heavy metals in the wind currents wafting over our oceans to dirty electricity pulsing into the earth itself, we are exposed to the biochemically discordant elements of modern life on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. After years of being bombarded with topical, enteral, and neurological poisons from our environment our physiology breaks down. These stressors are like holding a paperweight outward in your hand – easy enough for a while, but after enough time passes it becomes impossible to hold.

So…. what can we do?

The answer: build health!

We can do this by supporting each aspect of our  metabolism. I am referring to the total collection of metabolic processes to include hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, mineral metabolism, and oxygen metabolism. Essentially, metabolism is the process of build up, expenditure of energy, and excretion of the resultant waste products.

In this blog i will discuss the use of several highly succesful protocals for supporting our bodies natural metabolic processes. The protocals are not easy. They take work. However they are quite inexpensive and will yield a tremedous return as an investment in your health.




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