Detox 101

1.Coffee enema.


3.Castor oil purge.

4.Epsom salt bath.

5.Diuretic herbal teas.

6.Breath work.

7.Body Work




1.The caffeine in the coffee enema stimulates the liver by a reflex in the parasympathetic nerves located in the lower colon. The stimulation causes the liver to expel it’s toxins reflexively. Bile, which functions to carry waist away from the liver, is increased by coffee, and the palmitic acid in coffee inhibits the recycling of bile, thus ensuring that the livers wasit is not reabsorbed. The caffeine increases peristalsis, helping to evacuate toxic bile through the bowels completely. It is used in metabolic cancer therapies as a detoxification procedure and in cases of septic shock. Many practitioners consider it a form of blood dialysis.


2.Okra-pepsin digests the mucus coated on the beginning of the small intestine. The okra sticks to the villi while the pepsin goes to work digesting the filmy mucus. This section of the small inestine is where the majority of proteins, vitamins, and minerals are digested, so detoxification of this organ is vitally important. You can eat all the healthy food you want, but if the small intestine isn’t clean and functioning you won’t benefit.


3.A castor oil purge encourages the expulsion and elimination of waste through all 25 feet of the intestines. The castor oil acts as a therapeutic poison. Though the toxic effect is so mild as to be tolerable by everyone. Oral ingestion focuses the vital force on the intestines, increasing blood flow and activity while acting to forcefully remove the castor oil along with old intestinal waist.


4.Epsom salt baths balance the electromagnetics of the body and encourage detoxification via the skin.


5.Diuretic herbal teas include dandelion, horsetail, nettles. They encourage the kidneys to expel water, thereby filtering the blood and utilizing the kidney’s detoxification abilities. These teas are also nutritive, safe,and have a tonic effect on the body.


6.Breath Work is another avenue by which toxins are expelled. Deep breathing, avoidance of mouth breathing, forceful breathing and any other breath exercise increase blood oxygenation and expedite the release of metabolic and environmental waiste.


7.Body work is essential to the functioning of our nervous system with a kinship for our emotions. Touch is essential to the proper devolopment of infants, the result of total abstention being no less than death. Body work detoxes blockages in the bodymind.


8.Psychoanalysis is a powerful tool for uncovering repressed emotions. The whole idea is to find these repressed emotions and integrate them. When the repressed emotions become too powerful and threaten to rise to consciousness the mind creates a physical disorder as a distraction. The physical disorder is real, but its cause is psychological. The result is disorder in the autonomic nervous system and in cases of deeper repression, of the immune system.


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